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Results Driven Success Coach, Trainer, Speaker & Author

Mike has a passion for getting to the core of what makes the biggest difference. After attending his “Discover Your Winning Edge” program I walked out with a new level of understanding in relationship to my business that was of great value. One of his greatest skills is working with a one-person business or small organization in getting maximum alignment with their personal and business goals to get greater results.less

July 6, 2012, Martin was with another company when working with Mike at Lucid Impact

Executive Director at Business Network International (BNI)

For many years now I have focused on helping businesses in the Triangle grow and prosper and know that when when people clearly identify who they are, what they do, who they most want to do business with, and are centered on helping those around them succeed–they can’t help but succeed themselves.

Working with Mike Davis helped to clearly and consistently identify how I am when at my best and most productive as well as what I do for people in a crisp and clear way. This has helped me be even more effective through all the ways to communicate–both online and off–in helping others to get where they want to be in their professional lives.less

June 19, 2012, Stephen was Mike’s client

Owner, Team Nimbus of North Carolina

“I’ve been working with small businesses for many years. To me there is nothing like watching small-business owners succeed where previously they had struggled or even failed in their endeavors.

When I went to Mike Davis’ program “Discover Your Winning Edge”, all this was already very clear to me. Having observed the impact on other participants, I already knew it would be useful for me to attend. What I did not expect was the clarity that I achieved about what it is I personally get from my work – and why that’s so relevant to the continued growth and success of my own business.

This will have a powerful impact on how I refine what I do with and for my clients and associates.” – Bill Davis, Owner, Team Nimbus of North Carolinaless

May 21, 2012, Bill was Mike’s client

As a professional coach and trainer – I have very limited tolerance for anything less than the best in those trainers I work with and recommend. Mike is one of a handful of trainers in the world i would recommend for training, whether that be for personal or professional enhancement.

In the decade that I’ve known Michael he has become one of my most trusted advisers – on matters involving decision making, web development, and inter-personal communication. His integrity, work ethic, and absolute intolerance for anything less than the best in those he works with is refreshing and inspiring.

If you have the chance to work with Mike – you’re going to get more value then you can fathom.less

March 1, 2008, Devon was with another company when working with Mike at Lucid Impact

5LINX Enterprises Inc. National Expansion Leader

If you are in the market of looking for someone to open your mind and pull out your strengths in business and on a personally level, I highly recommend attending Mike Davis’ seminar. It provided me with the tooIs to be more in tune about my business and how I provide my service to customers.

June 8, 2012, Kumani was Mike’s client

Owner & President Excellerate Solutions – a business and personal coaching company

When I attended Mike’s workshop entitled “Discover Your Winning Edge”, I wasn’t sure what to expect and kept an open mind. What I received was an experience that was nothing short of amazing. Mike has a true gift to be able to help people discern how to create a message about what you want and what you do. Through a series of questions and answers he engages his small audience in a one-on-one experience that can change the way you think about your work and why you’re doing what you do.

I highly recommend experiencing this for yourself and seeing firsthand the magic that Mike can work.less

June 4, 2012, Dave was Mike’s client

Consultant, Rodan + Fields Dermatologists

I have worked with Mike Davis at The Decision Coach. I was extremely impressed with his level of knowledge and how much I learned about myself.

This has helped me every day as I go about my business in every area of my life. I was especially impressed with his questions and how on target he was in such a gentle way. I learned what was holding me back and am so much more focused which has produced increased sales and productivity.

I would highly recommend Mike to anyone who wants to go that extra mile and get the most out of what they are pursuing in any area of their life!!less

May 18, 2012, Susan was Mike’s client

Client Architect at Splunk

It’s not easy to describe what Mike does or how he does it, but the effects in my life are clear and powerful, and directly traceable to the work we’ve done together.

I now have a much greater understanding of my personal power, and can effortlessly control and direct it to accomplish my goals. I have also learned how to enhance other peoples’ attitude and performance, enabling me to “upgrade” my existing friends and co-workers.

Decision-making has become simple for me, and the choices I make now are a perfect fit for me and consistently work out to put me in better and better positions in life.

I’m sure it sounds too good to be true, but I’d be lying if I tried to soften it to make it “believable”. You can see for yourself in your first conversation with Mike.less

December 22, 2009, Jon was Mike’s client

International Executive Consultant – multi-national, multi-cultural organisational transformation and team building

If you are considering working with someone individually or in a group with the intention of experiencing what it is like to be guided by someone who’s done the due diligence to build deep personal integrity then you would do well in considering Michael. Michael has been studying the MythoSelf Process model with me for more than ten years and is extremely accomplished in applying it with clients … more to the point he lives it himself. Michael exemplifies what is possible when you apply this model in your life … and will stand with you, “holding the space,” as you learn to do the same for yourself.less

September 2, 2009, Joseph managed Mike indirectly at Applied Behavioral Technologies

Partner – Spencer Pierce Capital LLC – Investment Banking Services Boutique

Mike and I have worked together since the Summer of 2006. Before working with him I had a vague idea of what my life goals were, and what I would be doing after law school. I felt pretty frustrated about my life’s possibilities and how I could even discover what it was that fascinated me about it.

After working with Mike, I discovered what it is that I find most fascinating about my life, and how to go about getting it! He is a motivational force without parallel for change, and a heavily trusted adviser.

Let Mike help you discover what it is like to truly be fascinated with your life and its possibilities. And even more importantly, to help you find a way to ACTUALLY get there from where you are!less