About Us

Mike Davis, Lucid ImpactHi. I’m Mike Davis, President of Lucid Impact.  Ever since we started doing website development and marketing back in 1995 we have excelled in being able to take the burden and weight off of the shoulders of small businesses and give them back the most valuable irreplaceable resource they have–their time.

The Value We Provide:

  1. Take the burden off your shoulders.
  2. Allowing you to stay focused on what’s important to your business and not have to think about managing all this online stuff.
  3. Peace and quiet during the process. We know the core value we bring is in getting done what you know you need done, and done properly without bothering you every five minutes to explain all the details you really aren’t interested in.
  4. Peace of mind about time frames. Whether it’s a longer-term project or something short-term that needs to get done right now we will help you get it done.

The Value We do NOT Provide:

  1. Unwanted education in how everything works.
  2. The latest, greatest, most elaborate, and most expensive technical solutions. (We provide what works best for your needs to get you the results you’re after, within your budget.)

Primary Areas of Focus:

  1. Putting up a robust, straightforward online presence that does what you need it to do:
    1. Reinforcing trust for prospective new clients.
    2. Promoting your business
    3. Providing additional value for your customers (Information, downloadable materials, ability to purchase products and services online)
  2. Making major website modifications without impacting your business.
  3. Making sure the right SEO elements are in place to help you get found by the people you want to do business with.

Contact us right now and let us help you get back to what you really want and need to be doing.