How We Work With Clients

Here are some typical questions we get.

Q: What is your process for working with clients?

A: We go through a specific process that clarifies what they themselves get from providing their product or service and value their customers get from their product or service, We determine or refine effective messaging of our customer’s value to the most appropriate audience. We determine the best way to convey that message and convert interest into action. (Conversion).

Q: What experience and training do you bring to your work?

A: Over 22 years doing web development, content development and 15 years in marketing. Extensive training in effective communications. Paralegal training to help make sure the company doesn’t inadvertently engage in practices that could be legally problematic.

Q: How much should a company realistically invest to get good results?

A: Before going into answering this question, the biggest piece of advice we can give after years of experience is DON’T look for cheap miracle. They don’t exist. They can actually cost you a great deal more in the long run than having a solid plan in place the runs over time. Radio and TV ads used to cost companies $2,000 – $8,000 and up monthly. While Internet marketing can be less expensive it’s still an investment. Oftentimes you can get some really good results for as little as $1,500 / month which can cover a site revamp or new build, content writing, video, SEO, backlinks and more. Many things you can do yourself, but then again do you want to be in the marketing business or growing your business?

While we or any other competent company can do smaller tasks, they will have smaller results.

Just like any other marketing plan, you need to invest in your company. A standard is around 6{71b4f7c158d414d33003d708e319d626f98932d38591c511b33389fcb254393d} of revenue. Those that want faster growth will invest more. Your online portion shouldn’t be all of it but should be enough to get all the bases covered to grow your presence properly.

Think of a company doing marketing for you like a more reasonably priced outsourced resource for your business that you don’t have to pay like an employee.

We also have a standard intro rate of $250 for business strategy consulting – this includes gaining and refining clarity over what your most compelling value is and how to best communicate that your best potential clients. While not always, this oftentimes leads to effective taglines and / or much more effective “elevator pitches”. The meeting can run anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. It is not time based, it is results based. And in the last 8 years of offering this particular service I have a 100{71b4f7c158d414d33003d708e319d626f98932d38591c511b33389fcb254393d} success rate of getting the outcomes.

Q: How did you get your start?

A: The most influential elements ended up being college experience doing computerized newsletter layouts (writing, graphical layout), and working as a research assistant for the communications studies department head in doing non linear term papers. (This involved clicking around using links in a specialized mac program called hypercard which in 1994 was unheard of.) Once I became familiar with web page coding, I had the good fortune to meet and collaborate with database programmers, coders, and marketing professionals in northern California where the technology and infrastructure was at the “cutting edge” for many years.

Q. What types of clients have you and do you work with?

A: The many different types we’ve worked with over the years include:

  • General Contractors / Trades Professionals
  • State of NC – youth training programs
  • Chiropractors
  • Specialty Clothing Company
  • Financial Planning Companies
  • Web Technology Companies
  • Mortgage Service Companies
  • Dog Training Company
  • Personal and Professional Development Companies
  • Children’s Activity Center (gymnastics, dance, martial arts etc..)

Q: Can you give an example of a recent project?

A: A development / SEO services project in in Raleigh, NC with a children’s activity center. We were able to make the registration process far simpler for the owner, parents and employees and have made them easier to find on the internet in their area for parents looking for children’s gymnastics programs. The project is ongoing as they are looking to invest in long term organic search results for multiple search terms rather than continually paying for clicks. We are a cost effective and effective alternative to hiring someone in house to market and do preventative maintenance.

Q: What should a company look for in an online marketing / SEO services company?

A: Look for experience, there are no “official” certifications for most aspects of it and approaches / results can vary significantly. Make sure you are comfortable with whomever you work with and ask them what they do that will be quantifiable to you.

For example, we run reports for our clients that show where they are presently, how well they are optimized and how well connected they are to social media and outside directory sites like Yelp and Google. We then re run them after we have worked on them (and run them on a regular basis) so they can see the improvements.

No one can guarantee specific results but those of us who have been around a while have good ideas as to what action will lead to better performance, as well as an ability to adjust in a timely when something isn’t working the way we thought.

Q: What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals?

A: The idea is not to necessarily have the answers but to begin thinking about the things that would increase the likelihood of success.

  • What do you want? (WHAT- not HOW. For example – a web site is a how, getting more leads online is a what.) What is your revenue and your budget?
  • How will you know what a company does for you is working?
  • How will you know you’re comfortable working with a particular professional? (This may different than potential uncomfortability of being challenged – a good professional may do that in order to get you what you want but a general level of like and trust).