Mike Davis, President of Lucid Impact, addresses the key issue that stops businesses from getting the results they really want from their web presence.


The frustrations I’ve come across most often with the businesses I’ve worked with over the years are:

  • Having too much to do and too little time to do it
  • Really getting sidetracked easily
  • Having too many choices and not really knowing what the best ones are.

The bottom line to addressing all these issues are having a readilyt identifiable and powerful core message.

  1. When you have a pwerful and readily identifiable core message, you’re able to get your value across to your customers quickly and clearly, you’re able to influence more of your potential customers into becoming actual customers, and you stay on track with what’s most relevant.

For over 19 years, we’ve provided catalyzing enthusiasm, unorthodox attitude, and a persistent tenacity to the work we do for our clients to help them stand out from the crowd and turn visitors into customers.